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"Rioting, Looting and Anarchy"

Our Five Step Charter - to Restore the Rule of Law:


Step I

Create a Searchable Database ("Registry") of Rioters, Looters & Anarchists  
Our mission is to establish a fully Searchable Database (similar to the national sex offender registry). To clearly expose the full identities of these individuals, their sources of funding, and link them to as many of their other crimes and members of their networks as we can. 

Then follow their money trails all the way up to their top organizers - and do the same to their entire support networks.

This "Registry" will be free for everyone in the world to access and use.

Step II

Public Awareness and Outreach 
The primary goal of the "Rioters Registry" is to expose exactly what Rioters, Looters, Anarchists, and their Supporters really are. By showing just how deeply each one of them, and their entire networks, are involved in all levels of lawlessness and corruption, destruction of other people's livelihoods and property, arson, theft, violence, unlawful social media, cyber crime, misuse of public assistance and public funds, voter fraud, foreign interference, reckless use of fear and intimidation, and more...

But what we're specifically aiming to expose - and put an end to - is the full inner workings of the Radical Left's coordinated effort to cripple our country, and transform our entire political, educational and economic makeup. 

Step III

More Arrests and Stiffer Penalties 
We strongly advocate for more Arrests and Stiffer Penalties for Rioters, Looters and Anarchists - including those that organize them, and unlawfully pay and support them... especially when they cross state or federal borders.

Step IV

Greater Accountability of our Leaders
We also strongly advocate for the removal of derelict Politicians and Judiciaries that fail to uphold the law - while also calling out the Media, Entertainers and Educators that cancel free-speech, rewrite history, and push to divide us.

Step V

Help Those Harmed the Most
Provide assistance to to the innocent victims and businesses harmed by Rioting, Looting and Anarchy.

Founders Forum:

This non-profit operation may only be in its infancy - but the ideals within it began prior to the American Revolution.

Our specific goal is to bring an end to the violent protests, assaults on our police, and anarchy in general that's tearing away at the very foundation of our country.

Unfortunately though, most of the individuals behind this havoc - have absolutely no remorse for how harmful they are to our country. Because they simply see themselves as using the system for their own gains, or believe they're some sort of social justice warriors. 

Which is exponentially worsened - by the sheer number of people that have no idea of what's really going on - and by default become unwitting accomplices.

But if you amass enough of these people together - no matter what their motivations are, or how unwitting they are - while our Constitution is being shredded, and the "lack" of law-enforcement is threatening our country's very existence... isn't the outcome still the same?

But how do we stop this organized destruction of our country - when we don't even know the full extent of what we're up against, or who all the individual players are, or how deeply they've corrupted virtually every level of government and every other institution that was originally formed to protect us? And especially if there's no comprehensive "solution" in place that's capable of finding all that out?

In the words of the famous Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu (496 BC) “If you know neither the enemy nor yourself - you will succumb in every battle.”

And therein lies the focus of the "Rioters Registry" - which is to bring full transparency to the bigger picture. By clearly exposing each one of the individual players themselves - through a single website and expansive searchable database. That will also specifically disclose their full range of crimes, sources of money and support, and direct violations of the constitutional rights and freedoms of others...

But what sets our solution apart - is that we start with the individuals at the bottom of their networks and work our way up. Because individuals hurt much faster than institutions.

In other words - to dismantle their institution(s), our strategy is to first identify and expose each of these individuals by themselves - so they can then be cut off one at a time from their funding sources and support networks... which will cause their entire power-base to collapse.


The War Between Two Cultures  

In the end - this comes down to the same ideological battle between two cultures - that have been at war with each other all throughout history... in one form or another.

And in our country's particular case right now:

One culture embraces the rule of law, defends our Constitution, is proud of the American flag, takes responsibility for their own actions, understands the value of capitalism and the free market, respects their neighbors and the police, and looks at the better parts of our country's history for guidance. They are the ones that build things and protect things... and they are the ones that account for America's Exceptionalism.

If you feel this generally describes you... then your freedom, and the very survival of our country depends on you supporting our cause. 

Where the other culture has little respect for the law and the rights of others, would rather burn the American flag than pledge allegiance to it, typically leans towards Marxism, considers themself a victim that's owed something, looks at the worst parts of our country's history to justify their own actions, and prefers to live off the efforts of others. They are the ones that take things and destroys things, and resorts to fear and intimidation to get what they want...

Ironically though - this second culture's greatest weapons against the good people of our country, are also their greatest weakness. In the fact that their entire power-structure is based on deception, vicious favoritism, and reckless disregard for the law.

Which on one hand, has allowed them to build a massive corrupt empire and network of supporters through obscurity, manufactured hatred, and self-serving manipulation of the system.

But on the other hand, if we isolate and publicly expose these individuals by themselves - our country's system of laws based on "Equal Justice and Fairness" will be able to start functioning again as it was intended by our founding fathers. By being able to separate these politically driven and dangerous people from their financial resources and support networks - through increased public awareness and public pressure, law enforcement, educated voters, and comprehensive reforms to current laws and public funding practices. 

And if we don't - just try to imagine what it will be like trying to survive without adequate food, water and shelter, if not worse - if these people get complete control of our country... as they are now on the verge of.

Especially when you consider what Larry Grathwohl was told, who was the only FBI agent to ever successfully infiltrate the Weathermen. When he asked... what's going to happen to those people that we can't reeducate, that are die-hard capitalists? And their reply was that they estimated they would have to kill -- 25 million people. 

This now leads us to a clear-cut fork in the road...

We either start adhering to our Constitution once again - and equally enforcing our country's laws at all costs - or just look at Venezuela and all the other failed countries around the world - and decide if that's what you want for yourself.

And for those of you thinking you'll just buy another gun, or get a bigger security system - please realize those options only protect you after the fact. Which is obviously a good thing right now - but does little to solve the problem up front... 

A simple google search shows that the gun industry is over $30 billion and growing fast, the security alarm business is over $25 billion, school security is about $2.7 billion, and the self-defense products market is expected to be over 3.6 billion by 2025.

But instead of only buying another gun or more ammo, or a bigger security system for your home or business, or relocating your family to safer grounds - please donate a fair portion of that same amount of money to our solution - so we can take our country back as soon as possible... and you no longer have to rely so much on those other last ditch efforts to protect yourself and your loved ones. 


Our Solution and Use of Funds

Below is the framework of our operation - where your donations and all other funds will be applied:

    1.  Secure Facilities.

    2.  Secure Commercial Database and Computing Space.

    3.  Detective Teams to search for and compile names and information for the database.

    4.  Programers and Operators to enter and link all the information in the database.

    5.  Legal Consultants to authorize all data before publishing.

    6.  Management and Consulting teams.

    7.  Advocacy Groups.

    8.  Advertising and Marketing.

    9.  Legal Defense.

    10.  Office and Accounting.

The amount of donations and other funds that we are entrusted with - will determine the size and effectiveness of our operation. 

And let us not forget that these Tyrants we are going after... are in fact the most dangerous of all Criminals - that pose the gravest threat to the very survival of our free nation... and must be dealt with as such.

But instead of imagining them as a huge and indestructible brick wall  - that will basically require an act of God to bring them down - we just need to realize that their entire wall is made up of individual "bricks". And all we need to do is identify each one of these culprits by their own individual criminal behavior, so they can be fully exposed and separated one at a time from their larger support-networks...

And just like all criminals, you don't need to arrest and prosecute every one of them, you just need to arrest or expose enough of them, and make it painful enough on the ones that you do catch, so that the rest of them fully understand what will happen to them if they keep doing what they do. 


Quality Assurance

We already know we're going to be scrutinized for every possible abuse of people's civil rights, and individuals wrongfully being added to the "Rioters Registry" and exposed. 

So first off, we are only looking to expose individuals that pose a real threat to the safety of others and the security of our country - that the general public has a legal right to know about. And most of the information we will be exposing will already be public information, but pulled in from numerous sources and compiled by us in a single and easily accessible format.

We also have defense and civil rights type attorneys in position - to make sure all of the information that we compile is lawful to be published, and ready for public viewing.

But much of our work will also include finding numerous names, information and evidence of crimes that will not be published at first - but will instead be handed over to the police and other agencies, that will lead to greater enforcement of the law and many more arrests and convictions, which will then be published in the Registry.

Even after all these precautions - there will also be a portal for anyone that can legitimately argue that they are wrongfully published in the registry - where they can make a request for removal, and provide any argument or evidence that's contrary to our own findings.


Safety in Numbers

There is safety in numbers - and the directives within our operation are obviously not cheap. That is why we sincerely hope that every red-blooded American remaining in our country joins us - and commits whatever financial resources you can afford into this "Do-or-Die" effort to save our country, our freedom, and more than likely the very lives of our future generations.

We can no longer wait for others to bring our country back from the brink. 


Please join us today - and visit the rest of this website to see the full scope of our operation.

Brad Raether,
Founder and President

David Cooper,
Executive Director


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