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     Do you believe for one second... if this latest round of anarchy isn't successful at bringing our great nation to its knees - our power-hungry leaders and foreign adversaries won't manufacture another crisis?  And therein lies their strategy.

     Mark my words... unless we stop these people now, there will be no end to the crises that will seemingly appear out of nowhere - such as clean water and food shortages, massive unemployment and the total collapse of our economy to predict a few.

     But do you think the same people behind the current riots, global warming crisis, occupy wall street, COVID 19 shutdowns, and long list of other manufactured crises will offer any real solutions?... such as better farming practices, better water treatment, or bringing our jobs back from overseas?  No... they will do what they always do, and blame it all on capitalism and systemic racism - and scream we have no other choice but to "transform our failed economic system and build something radically better."

     So... what exactly is this "something radically better" they always propose? - Social Justice? Economic Justice? Welfare State? Marxism?, as if no one's ever tried those before... 

     And I'm not sure what's worse, them being able to convince so many others that they're so brilliant and caring - while following the most failed economic and social models ever, which have caused the most misery and death in history. Or our own complacency and lack of leadership - that's allowed them to destabilize our country to the point where it is now. 


But what can we do about it now?


     Before we can effectively disarm their agenda, we need to specifically define it. Such as them eliminating jobs so more people need public assistance, and will vote for them to get it - hijacking mainstream and social media to give them cover, censor opposing views, and influence elections - hijacking our energy sector and robbing it blind - taking our guns and defunding the police so we can't defend ourselves - and corrupting the public school systems and universities to produce their next round of social warriors, that grow up believing in mob rule instead of the constitution, and sympathize with virtually every flag in the world... except for Old Glory. So they can ultimately keep getting themselves voted into power with no one there to stop them. 

     And their deceptions, lawlessness, and lack of anyone knowing exactly who they all are, or understanding the sheer depth and complexity of their strategies that rely heavily on fear and intimidation - are their greatest weapons... 

     While the truth, our Constitution, the rule of law, and American pride are our greatest defense against them. As long as we all come together and unify these pillars of American Exceptionalism to disassemble their power structure one individual at a time - by fully exposing each of these radicals and their networks, and untangling their overwhelming barrage of unconstitutional tactics, money trails, and unlawful acts of violence and intimidation - for the entire world to see... and God help us all if we don't. 

     We also need to understand, that we're actually fighting a culture war. But to win this battle, we as a society need to reverse the underlying risk/reward scale behind the current norms. Where individuals are less incentivized to adopt the criminal behaviors of "Mob-Rule"...  and more incentivized to pledge themselves to the "Rule of Law" that this country was founded on. 

     And my answer to that is simple... bring back all the jobs that started being shipped overseas a half century ago - and give all these people their freedom back through a fresh new abundance of hope and opportunities. So they too can share in the unprecedented gift of American Pride - by being able to seek their own dreams and aspirations as never before... while respecting the rights and freedoms of others.  And make it as painful as possible for them if they choose otherwise...   


Which brings us here


     All the evidence we need to clearly identify and publicly expose all these players and their crimes, and track down their support networks and money trails - is stored somewhere in all of the world's computers and data banks... like digital breadcrumbs.

     Which makes our "Revolution" completely different than any other in history - by being able to take back our country, our freedom, and the security of our future generations... without firing a single shot.

     By using all of the world's main computers and data centers as our cyber battlefield - we can wage our "Digital War" against the "Brick-Throwing" mentality of mob-rule and unlawful tactics that are marching us headfirst into a radical takeover of our country. 


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