Education and Public Awareness - are a Major Key to Stopping “Anarchy”

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     Let's first agree – there's a mountain of difference between peacefully protesting for legitimate reasons such as the George Floyd murder - - - and the indoctrination of our youth (and others) that lend themselves to Rioting, Looting and Anarchy... and in turn hijack such grievances as cover for grabbing political power, coercing money from the taxpayers, and crippling our nation. 


It's time to draw a line in the sand


     And since much of this mess starts in the classroom... we've established the groundwork for a campaign named "Eyes-on-the-Teachers", where concerned parents will be permitted to sit in classrooms, or have cameras placed there - so we can see with our own eyes the re-written history, skewed curriculums, and brainwashing our children are being subjected to by political activist school boards.  

     This campaign will also advocate for watchdog groups to be formed to fully expose and publicly debate the teaching materials that are forced into the classrooms - that have more to do with the corrupt political agendas of the school boards... than they do with real history, a good education, or providing our youth with the tools necessary to become responsible adults and pledged to a safe, prosperous and free society...

     According to Alex Newman, from Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc. "More than 85% of American children are being indoctrinated by radicalized government schools."


     As this organization grows - we will continue using the section below to share the best resources and media content - that highlight the benefits of re-establishing the "Rule of Law" and ending all forms of Politically driven criminal activities... before we become just another third world nation in the (literal) ash heap of history.


We can no longer wait for others to solve this problem for us...

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