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     To help us grow, we expect to attract Sponsors and Advertisers. At which time, as the lead Sponsor or Advertiser, your name could be posted on the "Home Page" or "Rioters Registry Page" of this website - while others can be listed here, along with a link to your own website, or written explanation of why you support our charter.


You may also remain Anonymous if you prefer


     Anyone willing to sponsor the "Rioters Registry" for $200million? Are you listening – State Farm – Farmers – Geico – USAA –  AmFam – AARP – DOJ – Police Unions – or anyone else that wants to do something really great for the Safety and Security of our Nation, and especially you large Corporations or Government Agencies that will benefit the People” the most from our proactive approach?


All proceeds - will go to activities mandated under our "Charter"

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